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Why Choose SiteRecon?

SiteRecon is not an affiliate program or a resold service provider. We created, maintain, and own the technology used to monitor your servers. SiteRecon invented industry innovations including the email round-robin testing process and Web2Pin’s ability to send alerts to a Blackberry using PIN messaging.

We do not employ scripts or ping utilities to imply monitoring. SiteRecon monitoring spiders are multithreaded Microsoft C++ executables utilizing Microsoft SQL server for data storage. We do not use consumer grade databases, web page scripts, or ping type utilities to imitate monitoring. Our spiders use logic to check DNS entries, performance, availability, and the code received to verify your systems are performing correctly.

SiteRecon is not hosted at a free hosting service or on servers with dozens of other sites. SiteRecon is housed on servers we own and are located in a state of the art data center at BroadRiver Communications. Our servers are on redundant OC12 backbones and connected to environmental controls, UPS systems, and facility provides redundant diesel and natural gas generators to ensure our systems are operational regardless of conditions.

SiteRecon does not offer free monitoring services. Your time is not wasted with advertising, flashing boxes, banner ads, text ads, advisory board memberships, pop-ups, pop-unders, or spam in an attempt to offset free monitoring cost.

We do not monitor from counties around the world. SiteRecon provides information on your server status that you can use. The last thing we want to do is send an alert at 3:00 AM to an irrelevant event halfway around the world that you have no control over. SiteRecon answers the questions you need to know: is my system operational; is it performing correctly; is the DNS entry correct; has my site been defaced or hacked; and is my email server and subcomponents processing email.

SiteRecon is compliant with the American Disabilities Act - Section 508; British Disability Discrimination Act guidelines; British Publicly Available Specification (PAS 78) recommendations; W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - Priority 1; Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P); and W3C HTML, Atom 1.0 and RSS validation.

SiteRecon does not permit you to login, or display your company’s data, without the use of SSL encryption. We do not believe securing your login information, account details, and monitoring data is optional.

SiteRecon does not use batch processing. Regardless of the page, report, or graph, you will always be presented with up the second information. Every SiteRecon page is dynamic and built for performance so you do not wait for non-compliant or poorly formatted code to be displayed. View the source of any SiteRecon page and you will notice unneeded spaces and line feeds have been removed to increase performance.

For security purposes, SiteRecon will not acknowledge your company is a customer nor will we use your name or logo on our website to assist our marketing efforts.

All SiteRecon monitoring packages are sold for a set duration. We do not use automatic reoccurring monthly billing.

SiteRecon utilizes, a subsidiary of Digital River, as our payment processor. RegSoft offers a wide range of payment options ranging from purchase orders to credit cards that can be completed online or by telephone, email, or fax. For security, SiteRecon at no time captures or possess your payment information.

Like all people, we make mistakes. We strive to ensure this seldom happens, but when it does we acknowledge it and resolve the issue. You will not be passed around nor will others be blamed.

SiteRecon provides professional monitoring services to businesses where uptime is paramount, compliance and security is a must, and real-time information and performance is a necessity. Verifiable and unparalleled attention to detail is what differences SiteRecon from its competitors.

14-Day Free Trial

Evaluate SiteRecon website monitoring service and email us for a 14 day free trial of our Premium Plan!

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 eBay is Ok
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