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Website Monitoring Service for Critical Business Systems

Web site monitoring is critical to your business success! Are you losing customers, market share, and good will because your server is down, defaced, or hacked? SiteRecon addresses these issues by a providing an independent 24/7/365 internet site monitoring service that instantly notifies you in the event of a server problem. Web site monitoring features include*:

     Check Web, FTP, and SMTP monitoring at 2, 5, or 15 minute intervals
     Check Instant alert notification of server and DNS lookup failures
     Check Instant alert notification of missing keyword, phrase, or page change
     Check Support for user name and password authentication
     Check Up to eight notification contacts
     Check Alerts delivered via email and/or SMS text message
     Check Page performance, uptime, downtime, and DNS statistical reports
     Check Real time internet graphical reports (Line, Trend, and Pie charts)
     Check Comparison reports so you can gauge performance against baseline sites
     Check Reporting times can be adjusted to match your time zone
     Check Real-time CSV and TXT data for imports for custom reporting
     Check Real time data feeds using RSSCAP, and Atom
     Check Include real time site status dashboard on your web site.
     Check Maintenance toggle for server maintenance periods
     Check HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, and SMTP remote monitoring supported
     Check Configurable timeout and retry settings
     Check Does not require changes to your server or the addition of agents
     Check Administrator an unlimited number of servers from a single console
     Check Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service (QOS) reporting

* Different web server monitoring plans offer different features. Please
refer to Pricing for a chart listing.

How Website Monitoring Works

SiteRecons website monitoring service attempts to connect your web, FTP, NNTP, or SMTP server at regular intervals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If SiteRecon is unable to connect and confirm operational status, SiteRecon will retry based on customer defined timeout and retry levels. If SiteRecon is still unsuccessful in verifying operational status, DNS will be confirmed, then the contact list will be immediately notified with an alert. Upon resumption of service, SiteRecon will notify the contact list again informing them the web site or server is operational.

Service-oriented Verification

SiteRecon remote web monitoring is performed outside your organizational IT infrastructure in the same fashion the world accesses your web, FTP, NNTP, or SMTP server. Doing so ensures your web site is available to your visitors from a service delivery prospective.

Keyword Verification (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP)

All SiteRecons remote monitoring packages offer the ability to verify a specified "keyword" against the page retrieved. If the keyword is missing, the contact list will be immediately notified with an alert. The keyword is case sensitive, and can be any word or phrase up to 50 characters in length. This server monitoring feature is provided to assist in verifying that your server has not been hacked or defaced.

Page Verification

SiteRecons Premium server monitoring service package offers the ability to perform page analysis and verification on web sites and FPT servers. Page verification permits the retrieved page to be verified against a copy stored by SiteRecon. In the event of differences, the sites contact list will be immediately notified with an alert stating what changed (title, head, or body). This feature is provided to add stronger verification to ensure you server has not been hacked or defaced. Please note that this monitoring feature is limited to the first 50,000 characters.

Email Notification

In the event of problem, SiteRecon will notify the established contact list specified for the site. Depending on the package selected, up to 6 persons can be notified. Alert notification messages are less than 175-character in length and can be sent to any device that has standard SMTP Internet based email address. SiteRecon can send alerts to an email enabled cellular telephone, alphanumeric pager, and/or any SMTP email address. Below is an example of an email alert.

     From: SiteRecon
     Send: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 4:23 AM
     Subject: SiteRecon

     SiteRecon Web ( Site Down

Application Monitoring

SiteRecon can internet monitor any service that returns HTML code to the user. SiteRecon works with Microsoft Active Server Pages, Microsoft .NET, Cold Fusion, Java, and other dynamic technologies.


SiteRecons web site monitoring tool can monitor any HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, or SMTP server that can be accessed. If you wish SiteRecon to monitor a "restricted" or "internal" site, all that is needed is a firewall rule to accept traffic from our IP address (

Database Connectivity

A "trick" to monitor database connectivity, without firewall modifications, is to create a page that will check database connectivity by returning only the words True or False to the user. Setup your SiteRecon account to monitor the page and use the keyword True. When checked, and True is not present, SiteRecon will alert the contact list accordingly.

Notification Testing

Customers can have SiteRecon send test alert notifications at anytime to insure the contact list is correctly receiving messages. SiteRecon does not charge for this feature, or limits it use.

The best way to determine SiteRecons worth to your company is to try our web site monitoring service. Sign-up for a 14-day free trial of our Premium package today! You are under no obligation and we promise that no one will call.

Learn more about SiteRecons  web site monitoring pricing.

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14-Day Free Trial

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