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User Names & Passwords

SiteRecon provides the ability to monitor HTTP and FTP sites that require user name and password authentication before site or page access is granted. If your site requires this level of authentication, the following syntax should be used when entering site URL information:


Some additional examples are:

Once SiteRecon has checked your site, you can confirm correct login by checking Status on the Account Screen. If the status is not Ok an error has occurred.

Monitored Sites screen shot

It is strongly recommended that the code being returned is checked as some systems are configured to return a page if a failed login occurs. To confirm the page code that is actually being returned, clicking Status. Most FTP servers for example are configured to return a Welcome message upon successful login as shown below:

Status screen hot

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Evaluate SiteRecon website monitoring service and email us for a 14 day free trial of our Premium Plan!

Baseline Statistics

 Cisco is Site Down
 CNN is Ok
 Dell is Ok
 eBay is Ok
 MS is Ok
 symantec is Ok
 Yahoo is Site Down
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