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Web Site Monitoring Support

The questions below are most commonly asked about our web site monitoring service. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email for assistance.

Question Answer
Can SiteRecons web site monitoring service monitor a web site I do not administer? Yes. SiteRecon can be used to monitor any web site desired.
What is the difference between SMTP monitoring under the web plans and SMTP monitoring under the email plans? SiteRecon has two methods to test an SMTP server. One is using a "socket connect" that is available under the Basic, Performance, and Premium Web Plans. This verifies that the SMTP server responds, but does not verify email messages are actually being processed.

The Premium and Basic Email Plans work using an email round-robin approach that sends emails to you at 15 or 30 minute intervals. By sending actual email SiteRecon can verify that emails are actually being processed by your server and how long the process took.
Does SiteRecon support Secure Socket Layer? Yes. SiteRecon can monitor web pages that use HTTPS, Secure Socket Layer, connections.
What is the difference between SiteRecon and Ping? Ping is a utility that determines the status, and measures the response time, of a remote computer by sending it a small message. SiteRecon however functions as a browser of sorts (graphics are not downloaded) when checking HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP sites. SiteRecon requests the page from the specified site and determines the response time. Using this approach has several advantages: (a) SiteRecon is able to examine the page returned and make determinations; (b) the response times measured are the same response times a user would experience; and (c) confirms the HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP service is actually operational.
How does SiteRecon monitor SMTP? SiteRecon establishes a connection to the SMTP server using sockets, then disconnects. Response times are measured during the process.
What SMTP port is used by SiteRecon? SiteRecon assumes that your SMTP server is using port 25.
Does the URL have to be a web site? With the exception of SMTP monitoring, all HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP addresses must return a web page.
Can IP Addresses be monitored? Yes. DNS of an IP is not required by SiteRecon.
What effect will SiteRecon on have on my hit count? Depending on the package selected, SiteRecon will check your site 720, 288, or 96 times per day. Log entries will appear from SiteRecon (x), with x being the site check interval in minutes (2, 5, or 15). Most commercial hit counter reporting packages offer the ability to filter "out" a specified requestor.
Can I list the same person twice in my contact list? Yes, SiteRecon does not check for duplicate contact list entries.
Can SiteRecon send a notification message to my cell phone? Yes. SiteRecon can send notifications to any device that can receive a 175-character length SMTP e-mail message.
Can SiteRecon send a test message to my contact list? Yes. You can send a test message to the contact list at anytime.
What will SiteRecon message look like? From: SiteRecon
Send:Tuesday, Octover 15, 2002 4:23 AM
Subject: SiteRecon

SiteRecon ( Site Down
What do SiteRecon notification messages mean? Site Down = Site is not responding
DNS Failure = DNS lookup failure
Keyword Missing = Specified keyword is missing
Ok = Site has returned to operational status
Page Changed = Page has changed
SMTP Failure = Could not connect to SMTP service
What should be done for server maintenance periods? Login to SiteRecon, select site, check the "Stop Monitoring Site" checkbox, then select save. This will stop SiteRecon from monitoring, and sending notifications, until unchecked.
What payment methods does SiteRecon accept? SiteRecon accepts checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. During the site setup process, you will be prompted for your payment information.
How can I e-mail a SiteRecon graph? For security reasons, account information such as graphs cannot be directly e-mailed or by referenced by the URL. To view such account information, you must be logged into SiteRecon. However, graphs can be saved to your computer by right clicking on the graph then selecting the "Save Picture As" option. Once saved, SiteRecon graphs can be used in programs such as e-mail.
What time zone is used for date/time stamps? SiteRecon is located in the Eastern Time Zone. SiteRecon servers are automatically synchronized with the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( to insure correct date/time recording. Within you account, you can set your time zone information so report date/time are adjusted for your local area.
What time zone is used on baseline reports? Eastern Time Zone
Why do I receive a warning message that the page contains both secure and non-secure items? SiteRecon uses the security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure select pages that contain private information such as passwords. The Internet Explorer warning message is referring to miscellaneous images and/or navigational items that do not require encryption. Additional information on IE security settings can be found on the Microsoft web site.
What are the user agent names used by SiteRecon spiders? SiteRecon+(2) monitoring spider at 2 minute intervals
SiteRecon+(5) monitoring spider at 5 minute intervals
SiteRecon+(15) monitoring spider at 15 minute intervals
My FTP or web site is password protected. How can I supply the passwords? Detailed instructions can be found at User Names & Passwords
Can SiteRecon monitor Ajax or Flash coded pages? Yes. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Adobe™ Flash pages can be monitored by SiteRecon. Regardless of the technology or programming language used, a site can be monitored by Siterecon as long as the server returns code to a browser.

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 Cisco is Site Down
 CNN is Ok
 Dell is Ok
 eBay is Ok
 MS is Ok
 symantec is Ok
 Yahoo is Site Down
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