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Email Monitoring Support

The questions below are most commonly asked about our web site monitoring service. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email for assistance.

Question Answer
What is the difference between SMTP monitoring under the web plans and SMTP monitoring under the email plans? SiteRecon has two methods to test an SMTP server. One is using a "socket connect" that is available under the Basic, Performance, and Premium Web Plans. This verifies that the SMTP server responds, but does not verify email messages are actually being processed.

The Premium and Basic Email Plans work using an email round-robin approach that sends emails to you at 15 or 30 minute intervals. By sending actual email SiteRecon can verify that emails are actually being processed by your server and how long the process took.
How do I automatically return a SiteRecon verification email? It depends on the email server and client used. The important point to remember is that the rule must be SERVER based. Meaning that the server must return the message when the client is not operational.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook & Exchange you would create an Outlook rule that looks like this:

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    from ""
       and with "Email Verification for" in the subject
    forward it to "

Note: Messages can be sent from Webmaster@ if required.
What does a SiteRecon email verification message look like? From:
Send:Saturday, December 20, 2002 4:23 AM
Subject: Email Verification for XYZ (12/20/2003 05:10:28)
Our corporate security policy mandates auto-replies can only be done to a Webmaster@ address. Can SiteRecon accommodate our security requirement? Yes. SiteRecon normally sends round-robin messages using the EmailVerify@ email account. However, the option exists to use Webmaster@ address if needed.
Can I use a specific email address to receive email verifications? Yes. During the site setup process, you will be asked for the email address that SiteRecon should use. While not required, setting up a separate email account to receive and respond to SiteRecons email verifications messages is a good idea.
What does a SiteRecon alert message look like? From:
Send:Saturday, December 20, 2002 4:23 AM
Subject: SiteRecon Notification
SiteRecon Mail Server ( Server Down
Can I list the same person twice in my contact list? Yes. SiteRecon does not check for duplicate contact list entries.
Can SiteRecon send a notification message to my cell phone? Yes. SiteRecon can send notifications to any device that can receive a 175-character length SMTP e-mail message.
Can SiteRecon send a test alert to my contact list? Yes. You can send a test alert to your contact list at anytime without additional charges.
What should be done for server maintenance periods? Login to SiteRecon, select site, check the "Stop Email Verification" checkbox, then select save. This will stop SiteRecon sending alert notifications until unchecked.
What payment methods does SiteRecon accept? SiteRecon accepts checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. During the site setup process, you will be prompted for your payment information.
What time zone is used for date/time stamps? SiteRecon is located in the Eastern Time Zone. SiteRecon servers are automatically synchronized with the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( to insure correct date/time recording. Within you account, you can set your time zone information so report date/time are adjusted for your local area.
Why do I receive a warning message that the page contains both secure and non-secure items? SiteRecon uses the security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure select pages that contain private information such as passwords. The Internet Explorer warning message is referring to miscellaneous images and/or navigational items that do not require encryption. Additional information on IE security settings can be found on the Microsoft web site.
Can SiteRecon email monitoring service be used if we are using hosted email provider? If the providers configuration permits you to have server based client rules, yes. Most providers offer this feature as a standard part of their services.

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