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Port Assignments

The following UPD and TCP port assignments are provided based on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assignments.

Search for UPD/TCP Port (0-65535)
Port Number:   

OR select from the following:
   Well Known Port Assignments 0-1023
   Registered TCP Ports List 0-1023
   Registered TCP Ports List 1024-3000
   Registered TPC Ports List 3001-10000
   Registered TCP Ports List 10001-65535
   Registered UDP Ports List 0-1023
   Registered UDP Ports List 1024-3000
   Registered UDP Ports List 3001-10000
   Registered UDP Ports List 10001-65535
   Ports used by Trojans

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Baseline Statistics

 Cisco is Site Down
 CNN is Ok
 Dell is Ok
 eBay is Ok
 MS is Ok
 symantec is Ok
 Yahoo is Site Down
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Port Assignments

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