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Email Monitoring Service for SMTP Servers Using Round-Robin Process

SiteRecon providing email monitoring that continuously checks your mail server and subcomponents, such as virus protection and content filtering. If mail is not being processed, SiteRecon will immediately alert your contacts list that a problem exists. SiteRecon offers the follow features to increase your uptime:

     Check SMTP monitoring at 15 and 30 minute intervals
     Check Instant notification of mail processing failure
     Check Up to eight notification contacts per SMTP server
     Check Alerts delivered via email and/or SMS text message 
     Check Ability to check infrastructure components by using attachments
     Check Real-time graphical performance and DNS reports (Line, Trend, and Pie charts)
     Check Comparison reports so you can gauge performance against baseline site
     Check Reporting times adjusted for your time zone
     Check Real-time CSV and TXT data for imports for custom reporting
     Check Real time data feeds using RSSCAP, and Atom
     Check Real time data feeds using CAP feed
     Check Include real time site status dashboard on your web site.
     Check Does not require the addition of agents or server modifications
     Check Administrator an unlimited number of servers from a single console
     Check Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service (QOS) reporting

How SiteRecon works

SiteRecon e-mail monitoring service operates using a message round-robin process. SiteRecon sends an email to a specific email address be established on your SMTP server. Based on an established rule, your server returns the message back to SiteRecon. In practical terms, SiteRecon and your SMTP server are setup to automatically send email message back and fourth to each other.

Using this process, SiteRecon can determine if your server and subcomponents are correctly processing mail. In the event SiteRecon does not successfully receive a response to the email sent, then the sites contact list will be immediately notified with an alert. Upon resumption of service, SiteRecon will notify the contact list again, informing them the server is operational.

Creating an Account

During the SiteRecon setup process, you will be asked for the email address that SiteRecon should use. While not required, it is suggested that a separate mail account be established to receive SiteRecon test messages. SiteRecon email verification will send 96 test messages each day (15 minute test intervals), leading to a much littered inbox. Some customers have found that creating a rule to move the test message to the deleted items folder is also a workable solution.

Creating an SMTP Rule

For the round-robin process to work, a rule must be established that returns any message sent to address you wish to use. How this is setup in your environment depends on the email server and client used. The important point to remember is that the rule must be SERVER based. Meaning that the server must return the message when the client is not operational. If you are using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, the rule would resemble:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
from ""
and with "Email Verification for" in the subject
forward it to "


In the event of problem, SiteRecon will notify the established contact list specified for the SMTP server. Up to 6 persons can be notified. Alert notification messages are less than 175-character in length and can be sent to any device that has standard SMTP Internet based mail address. SiteRecon can send alerts to an email enabled cellular telephone, alphanumeric pager, and/or any SMTP email address. Below is an example of an alert message.

Send: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 4:23 AM
Subject: SiteRecon

SiteRecon Mail Server ( Server Down

Notification Testing

Customers can have SiteRecon send test alert notifications at anytime to insure the contact list is correctly receiving messages. SiteRecon does not charge for this feature, or limits it use.

Upstream SMTP Verification

SiteRecon tests the complete mail process in the same fashion the normally used by your server to process message. Doing so ensures your server is truly operational and provides performance response time measurements from a real world perspective.

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