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Dashboard Feed

SiteRecon provides the ability to display your current site status on your web site. Several customization options, such as color, are provided to assist providing a seamlessly look for your web site. Below are vertical and horizontal examples that we created to blend into the SiteRecon site.

Dashboard feed example

Parameters Value
FeedID Your unique FeedID (example: FeedID=241)
Display H=Horzonal, V=Vertical (example: Display=H)
BColor Background color of text area (example: BColor=205291)
FColor Text color for text area (example: FColor=FFFFFF)
Text Y=Display text, N=Do not display text (example: Text=N)
Border Y=Display border, N=Do not display border (example: Border=N)

Inclusion into your web site depends of the program language and your preference. The example code below is using the standard HTML iFrame statement.

<iframe src=" feedid here)
Width="208" Height="155" Frameborder="0"></iframe>
You’re FeedID
To locate your sites specific FeedID, login to account then click the site name under Monitored Sites. At the bottom of the screen you will find an entry for FeedID.

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Baseline Statistics

 Cisco is Site Down
 CNN is Ok
 Dell is Ok
 eBay is Ok
 MS is Ok
 symantec is Ok
 Yahoo is Site Down
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