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Email Monitoring Attachments

SiteRecon email monitoring service provides the optional ability to attach a test file to the round-robin test messages send by SiteRecon. This feature is provided so you can completely test the operational status of email infrastructure components such as anti-virus and content filtering systems if desired.

Before selection of this option, consideration should be given to how your email infrastructure treats the test files below. The round-robin email send by SiteRecon, including the subject line, minus the attachment, must be returned to SiteRecon or a server down condition will be triggered. SiteRecon does NOT check for the return of the attachments send.

For example, if your anti-virus system deletes the Eicar.Txt attachment but permits the email processing to continue, the round-robin process will work as designed. Or, if you’re anti-virus system deletes the attachment, and then attaches a file stating original message attachment was deleted due a virus, the round-robin process will also work as designed. However, if your system is designed to totally delete the email, the round-robin process will fail and a server down condition will be triggered.

The test attachments offer a wealth of possibilities to insure your email infrastructure is operating as designed and all components are operations. If you architecture requires a different test file than the ones provided, please contact us.

Is a 25KB Microsoft Word file, created with Word 2003 - SP1, that contains of the following using an Arial 10 point font with normal formatting.

    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (
    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (
    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (
    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (
    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (
    This is a 25KB Word email test file from SiteRecon (

Is the same as TestFile1.Doc only 50KB in size.

Is a 1KB file that contains the Eicar test string to trigger anti-virus systems. The Eicar test file is not a virus, but is treated like one by most anti-virus hardware systems and software. Use at your own risk! Information Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for any issues associated with your selection or use of this option.

Is a 1KB text file that contains of the following wording to trigger content filtering systems.

    OVER 18

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